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How to change party composition in story mode

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Press story icon, select the croup. Drag crahacter you want to the Group other out of the Group.

Still not getting this. I choose story, then my existing parties are shown along with ability to start new expedition. The only thing i can select afterbchoosing an existing party is a right-pointing triangle. Afternthat is another right pointing triangle, and then there is a dialog between characters. Next is preview of scenario,then lem has to select favorite Item and then charcters are dragged to locations. There is no opportunity to change the party. What am i missing?

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While in the story map, hit the character button down in the right corner (round button). This takes you to the character screen. Then look up in the top left it says "filter characters", you need to select "new" for this in order to display the available "new" characters. I bet you have "experienced" selected, which will only show your current characters because they are the only ones that are experienced.


Then, with "new" selected, drag the round portrait of the character that you want from the top, drag it down to the bottom circles down below. Done. Enjoy.

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