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Bug and Feature Request: traps



BUG: Is it just me or does the artificer in the stronghold very rarely have anything for sale? I'll provide a save later, but I swear this entire run I've had like maybe 1 trap for sale, if at all. I seem to recall some runs I made much earlier (pre-2.0 days) there would be a larger variety for sale.


REQUEST: A constant headscratcher. The traps available for purchase in White March I/II are just _so_ much better than in vanilla. I will gladly fork over thousands of gold to buy those. I don't even understand the balance decision; it seems like with effects as powerful as Rain of Fire or Chaotic Orb, _those_ should be the ones getting significant accuracy penalties, not the waste-of-inventory-space Hail of Dart or Arrow traps. I realize PoE is probably nearing end-of-life in terms of support, but I really want some designer to explain or take a look at how player traps are currently balanced.

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Guest Jamila

Chaotic orb is probably WM1 spell, added later when the level cap was increased and the artificer might not have been updated.

Anyway, he seems to offer different traps when I buy what he has, leave the area and come back. Though I usually do not buy traps; they simply do not cut it on PotD, unless they debuff.

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