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Rewards in Story mode for new characters



Just posting to gain some clarification to see if I'm encountering a bug or an intended feature.


Choosing to 'Create a new party' and picking characters that have not yet completed an adventure pack does not seem to yield the intended reward, neither in gold (says previously completed despite these characters being fresh) nor in the adventure reward (e.g. Did not receive the Shelderon medallion after Thistletop).


Is this intended so you do not have every character wielding the Impaler and protected by medallions?


Is there no way to 'reset progress' so a fresh party can run through the adventures?

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You cannot receive Gold for completing a scenario more than once on Normal or Heroic. You can only receive gold from multiple scenario completions when you're playing on Legendary. I could speculate about the reasons for this decision on Obsidian's part, but then I'll probably get extremely impolite in the process.


As for the Loot cards - you're *probably* correct that their idea was you only get 1 Impaler or some such... until you realize you can freely complete the scenario with another Party save profile, and then combine 2 characters with Impaler in the same party, on the party composition screen. So, yeah, the way to have a "fresh" party run the adventure, receiving the proper Loot (but no Gold for an already completed difficulty) is to start a new Party profile.

You can use the 'Mark Solved' button beneath a post that answers your topic or confirms it's not a bug.

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