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Questmode:black magga villain bug



Everyone's favorite serpentine pal probably wasn't given the attention for its exclusivity in questmode hmm.



2 main bugs with her

1) forces check to restrict attack spell usage despite pointed lack of any motive or ability for character to do so. See pic

2) after beating its combat check, black magga exhibits startling sneakiness that belie its humongous size apparently as it vanishes without so much as a trace and fanfare, in stark contrast to its grand and thoroughly enjoyable introduction in story mode. Not only that, it left the adventurers bewildered when the closing screen and those sought after 200 gold didn't materialize. It's still game on ! As they say .

What this means is a sequel is coming when our serpentine friend exact revenge but for now, if you really want those shinies you gotta work your arse to close every location that's, well, infested with boas. For Sparta ! You can almost hear ..

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