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Wrong difficulty for spell recharge



I just tried to recharge a Cure spell with Seelah at the beginning of the next character's turn (Lini in case it matters).


When I activated Crusade, the difficulty of the check jumped to 15 and I failed despite rolling a 9 (needing an 8). The check also indicated that the target was a Hill Giant rather than recharging Cure.


When my turn came around to Seelah again, there was a Hill Giant as the top card of the location deck she is at.

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This troubles me every, single, game.  I understand bugs happen and it takes a while to work out kinks, but I have tried to get friends to play this game and they didn't have the physical card game experience I had so when something doesn't work instead of realizing it's not working right and working around it they just get confused and frustrated and give up on it.

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