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Summoned henchmen trigger effects as real henchmen.



Others have already pointed out that summoned henchmen are triggering the Heroic/Legendary effect in 3-5, but this is happening elsewhere.


Quest mode, and summoned henchmen triggered both the scenario power (roll 1d6, on 1 discard blessing) and close location. This happened for both the Guard Tower (summon henchman at start of turn) and for Goblin Raid. Each Goblin Raider triggered the scenario power roll, but only the first summoned Raider triggered the close location roll.


Note that this is not happening uniformly; other scenarios have had raids without triggering anything.


1.0.3, iPad Air, iOS 8.4.

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If a card or scenario rule doesn't specify a particular henchman, then it applies to all cards of type Henchman.  You've always been able to use a Sage's Journal on summoned henchmen, for example.  There is no deliniation if the card/rule doesn't deliniate.  (For example, the Normal-difficulty Scenario power for Trouble in Sandpoint specifies Wrathful Sinspawn, not just any henchman.)


There are some weird situations where you can get a real close out of a temp close, but it shouldn't abort your other temp-closes.

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