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Can permanently add extra copies of cards to Vault in quest mode



I've noticed that it's possible to increase the number of copies of cards in the Vault by exploiting the dynamic nature of quest mode, by putting together parties with too many copies of cards.


For example:


Create a new quest mode party with a spellcaster (Lini for example).  Before playing, go into the deck-editor and give her 3 copies of cure (there were 3 in the default vault).


Quit out, and go to create a new quest mode party with a spellcaster (Kyra for example).  Before playing, go into the deck-editor and give her 3 copies of cure (since the vault resets to 3).


Continue doing this as much as you'd like (there's 6 characters that start with spells).


Now, start another new party, and put all 6 "experienced" characters into it. Then, go into the deck editor and drag out all copies of cure.  You will now have a LOT of copies of cure in your vault (I stopped at 6 because I didn't want to blow out my game's odds).  This will carry forward, even to characters made in the future.



I tried doing it with Chest cards (Beast skin, in my first attempt) and it took the extra copies of beast skin out of the second character's deck, so the app is enforcing proper limits there.

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Yes, some cards have soft card limit ( no limit if you use it by combining parties ) and some cards have real limit.

Yeah.  I haven't futzed too much (I'm not going to break my game just to confirm bugs, after all) but I wouldn't be surprised if the game doesn't check for cards that aren't chest cards, so anything from the base game could be cloned this way.  But being able to put 6-12 Haste spells into the vault, while awesome, is probably not a good idea (although it would probably take a ton of work, if at all).  I only tried with a basic card, but the short of it is that they need to put upper limits on the vault allowance for the cards that are from the core game, not just the chest cards.

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