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Quest mode: series of bug relating to new scenario power (suspected)



I noticed bugged instances whenever I played in quest mode with certain combination of the newfound scenario powers at 1.03 and some wildcard powers.


1) scenario power : difficulty to defeat monster with giant trait is increased by 2d4

Wildcard power 1: retaliation

Wildcard power 2: arrow trap



a) after defeat of a monster , retaliation is rolled twice

b) the result of the roll of 1 may not be effected

C) after which, the next card on location deck, if it's a boon, get moved into player hand.


I have a video here which captured this and more: some extra bug which may be independent of the scenario combo bug. Further into the video ezren attempted to aid combat check of Lini with incendiary cloud, failed his arcane check to do so with the mountain hag. At the point when he dragged his spell card before that arcane check took place, his force quarterstaff disappeared and reappeared in Lini's hand.

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2) scenario power : difficulty to defeat monster with giant trait increased by 2d4

Wildcard power : not relevant

Henchman : Graul Ogrekin



upon encountering the henchman, the 2d4 dice is rolled. And then followed by the 1d4 roll for the added henchman ability . The die never did roll and was frozen in place.

Sometimes, the 2d4 never completed and froze in place at the same time when the henchman ability list came up

Pic here post-163209-0-75897100-1464636245_thumb.jpg

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3) scenario power: suffer 1 Melee damage whenever monster with giant trait is defeated.

Wildcard powers : arrow and / or retaliation


My memory is hazy here as to what the wildcard power is .I didn't have a screenshot but I remember thinking there's some conflict of scenario power with the wildcards. Both were activated on defeat of henchman.


Observation: the melee damage animation and sound is heard, but no discard of card actually enforced mostly.

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