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Lini weasel adding to spell combat check and other stuff



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A couple of stuff observed along the way as of 1.03 that may have been brought up


1) the beast form doesn't play good always. Occasionally it works well yet sometimes you can't get the d10 discarding the revealed animal in a combat check ranged or melee.when attempting to discard the revealed animal ( from animal trick) , the animal would get discarded but the dice add from animal trick gets removed too.


2) Other times discarding the animal from revealed animal will see the beastform d10 appear and the animal on the hand instead of discard pile. With no removal of the animal trick bonus die. So conveniently you get to activate animal trick again a second time to get another die bonus.


3) and of course interface bug with cancellation - you see dice warped, the animal consigned to the discard pile instead of being at the edge of the discard pile etc.


This looks like some nasty bug to fix.

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