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v3.02.10008 WM2


No longer Melee !!



Dwarf Boreal

Old Valia



MIG 20

DEX 14


INT 19

PER 18




heal chant

heal chant 2


weapon focus rod/wand

outlander's frenzy

apprentice sneak attack

scion of flame

dangerous implement



drain, corpse bomb

+1 movement, -10% slash debuff

stun cone, -5 DR cone

paralyze cone

25% group fire lash

12 DPS burn/slash chant

30 point group damage shield

20 acc 30% damage vs dragon chant



Stealth 0

Athletics 2 (+1 background)

Lore 0 (+2 class)

Mechanics 11 (+1 class)(+1 background)(+2 gloves)

Survival 6


Slot Item

R Hand distract/stun rod (primordial bane)

L Hand N/A

R Hand alt kd scepter (wilder bane) 

L Hand alt N/A

Armor 2 PER robe

Head n/a

Neck 2 RES consecrated ground 1/enc

Hands +5 acc

Waist  2 DEX

Ring 1 4 INT

Ring 2 10% AoE (overseeing)

Feet consecrated ground 1/enc

early gear chant 20% aura neck


trap: chaotic orb (cross fingers for petrify)

figurine: adra beetle




Micro target switch to distract multiple enemies and on top of the usual excellent chants.

Take full advantage of juicy Boreal accuracy bonus with 2 different on crit proc weapons.

I haven't tested the final invocation options, but usually fights are long over before.

Typically sub-optimal, but fastest way to use a lvl 7 invocation is to use 7 3 second chants (lvl 1), so 21 seconds.

Someone headstarts the timer by pulling from far away and running back to party.

2 MIG is good for passive heal chant and dps chant. 15 acc vs wilder (lots in game) and primordial is nice for invocations.


Build Choices, sequence matters:


Dropped aspirant's mark because I use eyestrike for triple the modifiers.

Primary chant = flame lash, dragon slash

Hard fight chant = 30 point damage shield, flame lash, dragon slash

Hide behind melees to cover as many enemies as possible with dragon slash - don't snipe at range.

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I would love to understand your build posts, but honestly the formatting is so messed up that I can't properly grasp it all. Can't you edit those text-file-based formatting into something more readable?  :brows: It would be a shame if people just skip this because they get confused a bit. 

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Armor 3 INT Soulbound BP, pierce proof


Wait what? We can enhance the soulbound items? That was not the case previously.


OK. If this is all just theorycrafting without live testing, that would be nice to preface, eh?

I believe TC is referring to Ryona's Breastplate which naturally (no enchant) gives a +3 int bonus.


I agree with Boeroer that the formatting is hard to read and as proved above not taking the time to put the actual item names in is confusing.

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