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I'm assuming the sudden lack of response is because folks are doing just that.


I've only played one run-through of The Ogres, and my dice rolls were mostly horrible.  Despite having gobs of dice, Mommy got me the first two encounters with her.  Snuck it out on the last turn, with Lem using his DBLC+1 (getting ANY spells into his hand was becoming a problem) and a pile of blessings and such.

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"I need a lie-down" is the new "I'll be in my bunk..."

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I don't know what they broke in the last update, but 70-80% of the quests are against Caizarlu Zerren. Before the update I was seeing him in 15-20% of the quests, but it's becoming a joke right now. He is the most annoying villains in the 1st and 2nd adventure and having to fight him so often is exhausting.

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