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Missing power feats




I have two characters of 6 that have been played together. I've had a few crashes, and now I find that they are each missing a power feat. If there is anything I can provide extra, just let me know.


I've already tried playing 1.3 and 2.1 again successfully on both normal and medium, but they were not offered the reward.


Hopefully there will be something in a future to validate having received the bonus from each mission and allow it to be replayed again successfully.

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This is a known bug, that will be fixed in patch 1.0.3 (coming Soon™).  

The feats / rewards won't be applied retroactively.  And they probably won't let you re-play those scenarios / quests to re-earn those lost rewards either;  since your character is already marked as having "completed" those missions.

And from a coding perspective, developing / testing a patch fix PLUS a method to detect when a character has been marked-as-completed-a-quest-but-was-dead-and-didn't-get-the-reward is a lot of extra work on an already tight timeline.  The developers, and probably most of the community, would probably rather spend that development time on more bugfixes and creating new content.  

So, you probably have to restart those characters.  And if you're ever in a situation where a character dies on a scenario, just Forfeit that scenario and replay it (at least until patch 1.0.3 comes out).

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As a programmer myself, this could be done easy or hard. If it was me I would simply do it as an on demand routine.


To keep it simple you would just need to enumerate through the completed scenarios reward list counting only skills, powers, and cards.


Then enumerate through each character's skills, powers, and cards. If there is a mis-match, just set the hardest scenario it thinks complete to not complete that matches the missing skill/power/feat.


In fact you could implement this once on start up with that patch, and set a flag to never run it again if you were concerned about performance. Then just deprecate it out a few patches down the road.

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