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[3.02] Aggroing enemies without attacking them or getting seen



I'm sure many of you have experienced this one. It can get really nasty when your unprepared party finds itself sandwiched between 2 big mobs. Sometimes they're not even close. Like 2 seperate corridors 20m apart. Attacking one of the mobs aggroes the one in the fog and they rush in from behind your casters. This can ruin your Trial of Iron so I hope it gets a fix in 3.03.

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Hey Ronin@,


These 'double fight' occurrences are caused by creatures shout ranges. Some of them are deliberate, for example: creatures running to get help. If you feel any should 'not' being entering the fight, you'd have to tell us per encounter.


I got your back


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Hey Sking,


This is what I'm talking about:





As you can see I haven't done anything to provoke this ondrite guy. My druid just kept starting combat out of the blue after I'd just finished a fight and in like 5-10 seconds this guy came down the stairs, rushing at me. There was nobody to call him out, shout or whatever simply because there was nobody alive. Had I started another fight in the meantime I would've been sandwiched again. This is the Hall of Presence in The Abbey of the Fallen Moon.


If this is deliberate, how can I tell reinforcements are coming ? Am I going to hear an audible shout, see someone running past my party to call for help or see something on top of the creature (like "Kill the intruders! in case of a civilized race, ??? in case of other creatures)?

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