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Disappearing characters.



Device: Ipad air,

OS: ios 9.3.1



I realized I had a few handfulls of "Experienced" Characters that were left out of parties. I wanted to clean up a bit, and delete them. This in itself is cumbersome, but that is another issue.

After having deleted 4-5 of them, I realized that some of the characters I was going to delete might have cards that I maybe would like to give to someone in my active parties.

So I continued a game with one of my parties. Clicked the left button on the bottom right of the screen. I was unable to remove any characters from the party/switch any characers for a character in the "Experienced" pool.

I then clicked the green arrow, and it brought me back to the Map. When I clicked the "P" button, to look at the deck, 5 of my 6 characters had disapeared. I lost Lem, Lini, Kyra, Seoni and Ezren. Only Seelah was left.


Checking back in the character pool, they are not there either, they are simply gone.



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