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Reveal Weapon, then using an auto defeat weapon breaks stuff.



So I ran into this one this weekend.  Kind of an odd use case.  



I was playing a 4 man party in story, normal diff, no pass and play, no perma-death.

I forget the scenario, but it had Ancient Skeleton Henchmen as I was fighting one when this happened.

The part member involved was the bard, but I don't think it mattered to much.


First, I revealed my Heavy Crossbow, to you know, kill it.  But then I noticed, hey I have some Caltrops that I picked up earlier, I can just use that to defeat it and move on.  So with the Crossbow still in the revealed position, I dragged the caltrops to the banished spot and thats when things went sideways.  1) the caltrops ended up evading the skeleton because its DC had increased due to the weapon (which I had assumed would be dropped back down to 8 from 11 because the crossbow would not be used.)  And then 2) after the animation for evading was played, the crossbow was never returned to my hand.  When I ended my turn after doing one more explore, my hand was filled back to 6 now counting the crossbow.


The crossbow card remained in the reveal window for the remainder of the adventure for all 4 characters, and if another card was revealed it would be placed on top of it.  While I could not drag the card anywhere I could tap the crossbow card to have it zoom in to examine its text.  I was still able to complete the adventure, and the bards discard and deck numbers were always correct as if that card was not in either.  My worry was that I would loose the card after the adventure, but that didn't happen.  When I got to the deck reconciliation stage, it was their as if it had been buried.  


I have been meaning to try this kind of scenario again, but I suspect the main cause is revealing a weapon then using a card that auto evades/defeats the bane.


Thanks Dev team for the continued hard work!

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I assume thats the same thing then, as in my case using the Caltrops should cancel the Crossbow?  Keep in mind that the card getting stuck was also only one piece of it.  As if the card had been canceled it would have also dropped the DC back down to 8 from 11, and had me defeat the skeleton and not evade it.

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