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Messed up Loot for 'Angel in the Tower'



There are two issues here:


- First, from what I gather, Obsidian made the decision in Loot Reward scenarios to award a card to each character (which is awesome, thanks guys!!). How it works is - if you have fewer Loots than characters, each character (seemingly at random) gets a piece of Loot, and the extra characters each get a pre-defined card.

- I completed 2-5 Angel in the Tower with 4 characters, and there are 4 pieces of Loot as reward

- however, instead of each hero getting a single Loot (and no extra cards being awarded), my first hero got the pre-defined extra card, while my last hero got 2 pieces of Loot



- Secondly, the first hero (that got the extra card) was Amiri - and turns out she was destined to be decked out in a Hide of Fire Resistance armor...

- which would be all good and well, if I hadn't just gotten that very same armor in this very scenario

- and if you're wandering -there's supposed to be a single one Hide of Fire Resistance in the Vault (and that's how it shows in the Vault, but now I have two in my deck!!)


I have no clue how the first issue occurs, but for the second - you may want to check out if the game doesn't reference the deck with which  a character *starts* the scenario in order to determine extra card eligibility, while it obviously should reference the deck state at scenario end.

You can use the 'Mark Solved' button beneath a post that answers your topic or confirms it's not a bug.

The time that devs don't have to spend on the forum is a time they can spend on fixing the game.

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Yeah, I thought the extra cards were meant to be "if there's not enough loot, everyone else gets something useful for them," which is indeed cool. I didn't have the duplicate card issue happen to me yet, but in my party of 4, after 2-5, I got the 4 loot cards, of which Lem got two, and Seoni instead got a Lightning Bolt. Not that I'm sad about that Lightning Bolt, but I'm a little confused about how those extra cards are supposed to work now.


Besides even if they are meant to work that way, that everyone who misses out gets something extra, isn't it a little weird then that with a party of 3, after 2-5, you get 6 cards (4 loot, 2 people who are missing out on double loot, so they get an extra card), while with a party of 4 you only get 5 (which I thought should be 4, at that)?

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