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Weapon got locked in (and ignored)



When fighting a spectre, my paladin revealed a warhammer +1


I then thought maybe the warhammer had a better discard power, so I hit the red X button... but the warhammer card did not come back to the paladin's hand. At this point, the dice reset to d8 (Divine) skill, instead of the combat skill which it switched to when I revealed the warhammer. I even revealed a new weapon, and the card overlaid the original weapon.


Slightly annoying, the spectre was defeated with the new weapon, but being non-magic, it was shuffled back into the location. The paladin drew up a new hand of cards; so I have no idea where the warhammer went (it was my last turn so I could not check).

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Unfortunately it is the common bug, and very likely that you have lost your warhammer +1 (technically speaking it is not in your Discard or Buried or Hand cards).


I really hope that the developers will fix it soon.

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