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Bruthazmus in Throne Room



If you encounter Bruthazmus with scenario power that spawns ancient skeletons it will result in some strange interraction.


Bruthazmus is villain that has to be defeated twice. Defeating Bruthazmus first time makes Scenario power trigger (each character encouters ancient skeleton). After defeating skeletons (that shouldn't have appeared in the first place - I think?) game should now make you encounter Bruthazmus again. However instead of doing so game will spawn another round of skeletons (Scenario power). After defeating these skeletons game will prompt to Close location (while Bruthazmus is still howering in screen as "active card"), at least if you success in closing location game will go on normally - not sure what happens if you fail however.



EDIT: Was little hasty in this one - Nothing to do with Throne Room in particular, skeletons came obviously from Scenario Power in quest mode... edited accordingly, mods can change title to something more appropriate

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