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Cross platform purchases

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I am so excited this is finally out on mobile, as PACG is my favorite table top game.  I plan on buying the bundle for my ipad.  Will I have to rebuy and have a completely separate game history to play on my phone?  Or will they be connected?

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Basically at this moment iDevices Are Connected via game Center so if you phone and iPad has same game Center account. They Are Connected.


Android devices Are Connected via google play. So if you have Android tablet and you have Android phone They Are Connected if They have same google play account.


In the future unknows there may be / should be / will be... Universal account Connection. We just don't know when (and how).

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We used to have a universal account prior to Game Center and Google Play Games implementation.  


Right now GPG and GC basically automatically logs you into PlayFab and you end up with an account there.  We can deal with Customer Service as well as see data for the accounts if something doesn't transfer properly but since we didn't want to require folks to give us email addresses we can only find folks via their PlayFab ID, Game Center ID, or Google Play ID.


In the not to distant future we are going to basically have one device give you your PlayFab ID and you will be able to set that up on a different device/platform.  Once that is implemented you should be able to log in on PC/Android/iOS at will and have the same save data.

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