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Characters not gaining experience?



Hello, I have been playing story mode and completed several parts on multiple difficulties. Today I played quest mode and saw for the first time that my characters gained experience points after defeating an enemy (this was not happening in story mode). I was unable to finish the quest due to the blessings deck bug, but was excited because I expected to find that my two characters I used in story mode to have a bunch of experience available to level up with. Unfortunately, ALL of my characters are still at level 1 with 0 exp. Is this a known issue?


This game is great, but some of the bugs are pretty substantial. Will we see a patch/update soon?



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You were able to play quest mode??? Tell me more!


(Btw experience isn't a thing in story mode, that's intentional. You just get specific power/skill/card slots added after completing certain adventures)


Regarding your actual quest mode question, I can't actually help. I was just excited at the prospect of it working :)

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Currently in quest mode you actually have to finish the quest to get the experience.......


Have fun trying that in 6 turns :(



I thought it made sense when lvl 2 got me a skill feat..... However level 3 and 4 are just cards that you could of probably picked up while running out of time over and over again, so dissapointing


Managed to get quests going with 3 or less characters like it says in the work around...


Only actually got anywhere when I used just Meri, fortunate enough to get a Poog card for the 1d4 bury to heal so i can throw here entire hand away every turn... Still only level 4

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