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Is there a limit to how many times i can use sneak attack in any given scenario?  Hope i'm not missing something obvious. If not seems to easy?


It is limited to 1 time per check, as people have said, but that is just topical. You are further limited by cards in your hand, both numerically and strategically. You need to weigh on if you want to lose access to those cards, even if it's only temporary because of a refresh. Next you are limited by the Refresh/Discard. Refresh keeps you alive, but if you think you may need more power you may need to discard, which is pinging your life.

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Thats weird because i just was playing and encountered the pillbug boss(not sure of name atm) and i did not have the option to choose it. and dont think it was wild card related or location?

 Was she the only character at that location? It is only available if no other characters are at the location.

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Plus, noisy clerics get those wily monsters on their guard, while a single sneaky rogue can stab them while they're playing horribly addictive games on their tablets...

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"I need a lie-down" is the new "I'll be in my bunk..."

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Yes we have a community of Ninjas. Its crazy.


You guys should make an in game baddy (bane) called "Obsidian Ninja". In one scenario he gets shuffled into the Blessings deck (as opposed to the locations decks, and all locations decks have a closing requirement of removing cards from the blessings deck (4,3,2,1 depending on party size)) and if he comes up on your turn you can take no other actions except encountering him, and he can not be evaded or automatically defeated.


Obsidian Ninja (bane)


Roll vs Perception, on fail take 1d4-1 damage.


If you fail to defeat the Obsidian Ninja the Scenario is over, each character must banish an ally from their decks.


If you succeed at defeating the Obsidian Ninja, you gain an ally named Obsidian Ninja.



Obsidian Ninja (ally)


Bury this ally, look through the location deck and encounter one henchman, adding 1 die to your combat check.

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