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Absolutely loving this game. And it really feeds into my need to try ALL the combinations. Hard to do in the physical game.


Solo challenges. Which characters can finish the scenarios (thus far) on the highest difficulty on their own? All the characters? Only Merisiel? Is it possible for dear old Ezren?


Post your successes, and I shall be impressed.

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So far, the adventures don't present anything too un-overcome-able, even for solo characters.


Biggest hurdles I can see:

Poison Pill: blessings and Dex-bonus allies should get you through this, even if you don't have Thieves Tools at hand.

2-1 and 2-5: the presence of the Attack-immune Scarecrow Golem is a b**ch for Seoni and Ezren. Anyway you slice it, it will probably come down to you chasing the Villain into the Golem's deck, and hoping/Augury-ing it on top of the Golem. Some alternative strategies:

  - Seoni: pick up a Ranged weapon in one of the locations, and throw a blessing on the combat check to wipe out the Golem

   - Ezren: have a Melee weapon, discard it and cast a Strength (if you have it)

  -both: Sabretooth Tiger, Mercenary and Squire in your hand won't hurt

Foul Misgivings: unavoidable Iesha really sucks for Sajan; make sure you have a Cape of Escape or Charisma-boosting allies blessings

- Fouls Misgiving, 2-4, Approach to Thissletop can really suck for casters, with their difficulty-boosting Villains (the Skinsaw Man in particular, having TWO checks, and you probably being saddled with 2 Haunts at this point) - have you best spells ready, combat allies, blessings that give you twice your combat dice. If you're Ezren - prey to all the Gods, whose blessings you foolishly eschew, to support your dice


I have completed AD 0, 1 and 2 with solo Merisiel, Seoni and Ezren.

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You can use the 'Mark Solved' button beneath a post that answers your topic or confirms it's not a bug.

The time that devs don't have to spend on the forum is a time they can spend on fixing the game.

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1.5 Thistletop Delve is painful for Sajan solo. But possible!

Nualia will start off dealing 1d4 Force damage, then follow it up with two combat checks. Both penalize you for using Blessings.

The trick is to find a ranged weapon and some armor while in the scenario. You can banish the armor to deal with the Force attack and use the weapon to reduce your reliance on blessings.

Also the Staff of Minor Healing is a must have for solo Sajan.

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Thanks for the report, Longshot11. Really well done to have completed it with both the arcane dealers. Also thanks for the advice, and from you Nathan. This game has A LOT of replayability, and I haven't even tried quest mode yet. 

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I have also completed all available content with Lem solo on Legendary.   As far as solo characters go, he is very doable.    The only other Legendary solo I have completed thus far is Sajan.   I don't find him very effective in the large groups I usually play on legendary, but he can make solo play work pretty will, since he doesn't have to discard blessings to explore.


I have begun to play Seelah solo on Legendary.   Not very far along... and Poison Pill was a real pill.   Managed it on the 4th try or so.    Should get easier once I can get the power that makes Cure spells be recharged when using her +d6 power.

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3-5 is rather difficult for Merisiel with all the Wisdom based locations (not to mention Shrine of Lamashtu). Took me at least 20 tries and a lot of luck (villain on top or close to it on both Mountain Peek and Shrine!) to finally defeat it.


One interesting thing about Iesha: using Crown of Charisma on her count as defeating her so you get to examine a location deck and potentially putting Skinsaw man on top...

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An update on my legendary solo character progress:  I've now completed Lem, Sajan, Seelah and Merisiel (not including AD4... yet).   I've started playing around with Seoni and Valeros, both of which have been doing better than I expected.   I am at 3-3 with the latter... but now that I check, I am only at 1-2 with the former, so it is still pretty early on with her.   I have tried with Lini, but have actually found it to be quite difficult... especially when villains require two attacks to defeat.


I would like to try with more, but the character limit is prohibitive-- as is the save slot limit, which I only discovered lately.   Sigh.

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