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Difficulty 0 "None" skill check to recharge Cure



Seelah was at the Shadow Clock, and figured she'd better use her Cure before she had to recharge her hand again.  She did, and to make sure the Cure was recharged, she applied her Improved Inspired Grace (With Iomedae's Benediction) to the Recharge check.


This changed the Check Skill to None, and took away her d8 and her Divine Skill bonus.


However, this ALSO changed the difficulty of the check to 0, so the 1d6+1 from Improved Divine Grace was plenty to win the check.


I'm running Android 5.1.1 on a Nexus 10.


No Pass-and-play

No Permadeath

Story mode (Never tried Quest Mode)

Seelah was at the Clock Tower.  I don't remember where Lini was.

Turn order was Seelah, then LIni

Scenario was Angel in the Tower, Normal Difficulty

I don't remember if it was the first explore

The only modifier made to the check was Improved Divine Grace (don't remember if the card recharged or discarded)

No Horde



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