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End of Thistletop Delve, Free Weapons!


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I'm running Android 5.1.1 on a Nexus 10.


(No Pass-and-Play, no Permadeath, Story mode, The scenario was over so locations didn't apply, Turn order was Lem;Kyra;Merisiel, Thistletop Delve, Normal difficulty, The scenario was over so I wasn't encountering a card, Not an explore (first or otherwise), Most recent card encountered was (predictably) Nualia, Not an encounter so no aiding happened, No Horde.)


So, I charged through the end of Thistletop Delve and earned my righteous reward...  The Scenario Reward, Loot: Sihedron Medallion, and the Advanture Reward, a Card Feat.


But what's this?  After Lem reveals his loot, somehow the other two characters get free weapons?  Consolation prizes?  Bug-booty?


Oh yeah.  Shake that bug-booty...


Take care.

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They added spesial reward to the digital version. It works as intended.
The best part is that those extra rewards Are character special, so with different croups you will get different special rewards.
And this was spoiler... Sorry for that :-)

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Interesting. When I completed that adventure with Kyra and Meri only, Kyra got the medallion and Meri got a dagger +1. Since you also got a dagger +1 on Meri, I'm wondering whether these are intentional extras added so that everyone gets a card? Seems a little random but if so, shouldn't each character get their bonus weapon and then add the medallion on top of that? Seems a little strange to add weapons but for one character to arbitrarily get the medallion instead of a bonus weapon.



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Behavior also seems odd if you have a character who finished the adventure already, but doesn't have any of the loot, and some characters that are finishing it for the first time. I think that the loot you didn't bring in should be there, but it isn't.

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