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A few questions about the character packs...

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When I played the board game for a while, out group consisted of Merisol, Kyra, Seelah and Ezren, so that's the group I want to re-create for starting out with the digital version.


Before I make any purchases, I want to make sure I understand the character packs bundle thing, and I'm also curious (for those that know) how the character packs correspond to the cardboard base game and expansions.


The 10,000 gold pack only includes Amiri, Lini, Sajan and Seelah.

Is this correct, or does it include ALL the characters available?

I 've also heard people talking about Deck C which comes with this bundle.

I don't see Deck C listed as purchasable separately.  Does it only become purchasable if you buy one of the characters in the add on pack, or is the only way to get Deck to buy the add on bundle (I would prefer to get one or two characters at a time, but I don't want to be hosing myself by having to purchase the same thing twice if that's the only way to get Deck C)


This may be a bit of a tangent, but in researching the cardboard version, I found that there is the character add on pack, and there is also a separate class pack for each of the character classes included in it.  Can anyone shed some light on that and what the digital equivalent is there?





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The 10k gold pack is the character add on pack from the original game, it includes 4 characters plus a bunch of extra boons, and possibly some banes as well, not sure there. It does not include the other characters (those were all included in the original game with the base set but here it looks like you will have to buy those separately with gold if you aren't going to buy the $25 bundle). Deck C is this deck that I just descibed, it's the one listed for 10k in the shop. So yes, if you intend on buying this, which I would recommend, the deathbane light crossbow was probably one of my most used cards from the original set, that you are careful about which characters you buy separately because you wouldn't want to buy one of the 4 included in this pack if you're going to buy the pack eventually. (And if there's any confusion about what characters are included, look in the shop under the "character" tab, the add on deck is at the top, and it lists which characters are in it).


Oh and class decks are a different thing that was introduced to the card game after Rise of the Runelords, they aren't in the video game yet, but perhaps they will be included later. Hope that helps!

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Thanks for clearing that up. 

Looks like I will need 1150  (10,000 for character add on pack/bundle and another 1500 for Ezren) in gold for what I want then, probably gonna buy some coin, and get the rest in game.

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