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As I had encountered a number of bugs that were bugging me, I decided to try and delete, then reinstall Pathfinder Adventures on my iPad to see whether the bugs I encountered were due to a corrupted installation. I thought I'd share the result, because other people might be interested to learn what happens if you reinstall the game, e.g. if you buy a new iPad and need to transfer your applications:


The Good:

  • After reinstallation the Rise of the Runelords Bundle that I had bought appeared as soon as I entered the store, I didn't even need to use the Restore button. I still own all the adventures and characters.
  • Likewise my gold was automatically restored on reinstallation.
  • All the cards I had bought via treasure chests are still there in the Gallery/Vault.

The Bad:

  • All character progress in both story and quest mode is gone.
  • All progress on the world map in story mode is gone.

TLDR version: If you reinstall or switch to a new iPad, you'll keep the things you bought, but lose the progress you played for.

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