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Cant open chest.



Got one chest (from the tutorial?). When I tap it it starts to light up in the keyhole, but nothing else happens. Muliple taps does nothing. I restarted the game and I now have 0 chest.


Cards from chests are added to the game but not the pool my characters can choose from right? (the pool I actually never figured out how works either as I can only choose when I dont have enough cards after a game. Never thought about the rules like that in the physical game...but another post made me belive that was intented to work like that). So I MIGHT have gotten the cards, but have NO chance to figure out....


Playing on a Samsung S4 phone, yeah I know "But we don't support phone" WELL WHY THE HELL DOES IT NOT SAY ON THE GOOGLE PLAY PAGE!!!!!!!!!!! Tiq is not mad, just very disappointed :(.


beside that I really like this. Now go fix stuff!

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Check your Gallery on the main menu screen, the cards from chests have different borders, you should have 4 floating around in there, if not check out this thread and send an email. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/86260-bought-the-season-pass-or-daily-gold-content-did-not-unlock-please-read-this/

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Why is it called the "Gallery" if you access it from the main screen, but the same thing is called the "Vault" when you access it from the options screen in game?

The Gallery shows all the adventure decks and chest cards you own. This represents your collection


The Vault shows all the cards that are used in the scenario you are playing. The Vault represents the physical game box. If you were playing a deck 2 scenario it would show all the cards up to deck 2.

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