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[Android] Game not recognizing mouse clicks



I have a smart TV running Android 4.4.4 ( https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/kogan-43-agora-4k-smart-led-tv-ultra-hd/ ).


This isn't a touchscreen device, but it allows connecting a mouse via USB. In all other applications (both pre-installed and ones I've installed from the play store, including a number of games), mouse clicks are being recognized exactly like touching the screen on my tablet.


Except for pathfinder. It seems to ignore mouse clicks completely.

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Well, the start screen with the play/story/quest/store menu looks fantastic on the large screen.


I can't say anything about the rest of the game as I can't get any further without the mouse working.


I'm normally using that TV as my computer monitor (43" at 4K comes to the same dot pitch as most "normal" computer screens, so that's like 4x 21.5" 1920x1080 screens in one), which means that I'm sitting pretty close to the screen instead of the normal "TV distance", and you can really see all the small details then.

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Oh, also, you shouldn't need a smart TV to reproduce this.


I was able to reproduce it on both my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and a E-Ceros Revolution 2 Tablet (game looks great on a 2048x1576 9.7" screen btw) by pairing them with a Bluetooth mouse (used a Microsoft Mobile Memory Mouse 8000, but any BT mouse should work).


Pretty much any android app (both general and games) I tried seemed to react to the mouse clicks as if they where touch events, but PA completely ignores them.

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