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"Undo" button got weapon visually stuck in "played" area, also discarded



In Brigandoom, Kyra encountered the "Ambush" barrier and revealed an Ogre.


I selected a mace to reveal (I'm pretty sure I didn't try to discard it), and my dice went appropriately up to d8 + d6.  I then think I selected Blessing of the Gods.  Then I decided to just take the damage with my armor, so I hit "Undo".  The die went back to just d6(as if I had played zero cards), but the mace stayed in the play area and did not return to my hand.  After the combat, the mace was still in the play area.


When it came to Merisiel's turn, the Mace was still there.  When she played a sling for a combat, it visually overlapped with the mace.  


Finally, on Kyra's next turn I checked her discard pile and the mace was there.  When I clicked on it there, the one from the play area finally cleaned up and vanished.


(A) It should not have discarded my mace after I undid everything

(B) It shouldn't have left it visually hanging around.


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