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Suggestions for improving the post-scenario deck management interface

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1. Add a button to sort your cards alphabetically.  This will make it easier to see how many copies of each card you have.


2. Have a separate bar for scrolling through your cards.  Right now, you have to swipe your finger over the cards to scroll through them, but this sometimes registers as touching and dragging for moving the card instead.


Anyone else finding the deck management interface cumbersome?



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Hey there.


Are you still in the B Scenarios: Brigandoom, The Poison Pill and Black Fangs Dungeon?


I ask this because it is my expectation, that once  you are out of the B Scenarios, you will no longer able to access all Basic cards.  As such I would be surprised if you had gained so many cards from your adventures in each of the different categories (Weapons, Spells, Armour, Item, Allies and Blessings) that you wold need to alphabetise them.  





I am having trouble working out how to change the cards in the characters decks.
when I first started a game it allowed me to add and remove different cards.
After playing the first part brigadoon. I can no longer do this. is there a button/tab that accesses their decks and allows customisation?
I tried deleting the party and created a new one, but it seems to skip this step and starts the game with no chance to adjust their decks.
I am sure I am missing something obvious, but can not work it out.
any help greatly appreciated.

I think I sort of worked it out.
I started a new party and on the map screen? you push the button with the big P on it. that lets you adjust their decks.

You can edit decks at that screen until you beat Black Fang's Dungeon.  :)
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I noticed after playing Brigadoom scenario (I haven't bought full bundle yet, still playing free version, but I do intend to buy the bundle once the initial gold/payment/etc bugs are sorted out) and going to the deck edit screen that I couldn't find a way of getting access to Basic cards from the "box" like you do in the physical game.


In the physical game you can replace any cards in your deck with Basic cards from the box in between adventures. 


Maybe in this intro story mode or Obsidian version you don't get that much flexibility and you only get what you find during previous adventures?? Which is OK. Just would like to know.


Other than that I found the interface OK. I am familiar with the physical game so I understood the deck construction concept which probably helps.

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In physical game you can only chose cards when you create the new character and later if that character has too few cards in the deck you can add that Many cards From the box. So someone has teached you the rules wrong way. It can happens. ;-)

Ah, wow I have been playing that wrong. I went back and read the physical rulebook more closely and you are right. I missed that restriction "If you can’t construct a valid deck from the cards your group has available...". And I was the teacher. ;( Oops.


Awesome game by the way!!


EDIT: I have been thinking more about this and realizing that I will have to change my strategy for acquiring boons. Before, if the boon was Basic I didn't bother worrying about acquiring it much (other than it's immediate potential use) since I figured I could grab it between adventures. Now I can't. Interesting. I now have to think harder about whether to try for that boon. This makes the game even better, and more thematic actually. Awesomer!!

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