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Just played through the tutorial, if this is any indication of the rest of the game, good god you all did fantastic work. I've been playing the physical card game since its original release, this is everything I could have hoped for and more. I hope this is the success it deserves to be and that you get all the moneys. 


Thank you.

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On an IPad Air 2 and I just left a review on the Apple Store. I purchased the season pass and am loving the game so far. I had one disconnect that cost me gold at the end of the scenario but, other than that, no major issues. I love not having to spend 15 minutes building decks, shuffling them, and finally getting to play. The interface is also quite nice - managing your characters inventory is a breeze. Note also that if you've banashied a card and have no replacements, the game allows you to 'go back to the box' at the end of your build phase and grab a basic card. Thanks so much for this! Hope you get the in App Store purchase issues worked out soon!

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