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Since it's already been released on iOS and you didn't announce that, can you at least give an idea of when it will be available on Android? Communication is nice.

It will be up by tomorrow, that is the closest ETA we can give at the moment.

Never tell me the odds! I probably wrote them

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Why was it delayed compared to iOS?

I'm talking out of my rear end, since I'm not in their offices managing the deployment. But the two app stores work differently.


Apple: Days, sometimes weeks, review process when you submit the app for publishing. After they review they give you the ability to go live by flipping a switch. My guess is possibly the manual process was used, where they approve it in review and then let you release it when you see fit. There's a processing time but it's usually short, a couple-few hours. 


Google: Publish the app, it's live within a few hours.


They could have theoretically done the MANUAL apple process and then released it on App Store and Play Store published at the same time and tried to get them both out around the same time. The processing times for both stores (it's basically just propagating to the CDN at that point) can vary between them. They're usually both a few hours for that process. But it's not exact, and can vary wildly. 


They may have also just published App Store first and Google Play is currently publishing as we speak and we're just waiting for it to propagate. 


I should let the Dev answer, they might not have even published it to the Play Store yet. :) I'm mashing ctrl+shift+R on the search for it though, like a silly person: 








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