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[3.02] Searing Seal hits four times instead of twice


The Priest spell "Searing Seal" should hit every enemy twice: once to apply the damage component, and once to apply the Blind effect. Instead, it hits four times (full screen screenshot linked for size):




The spell is only hitting one spinner here; if you look closely, you can see the two damage numbers stacking over its head.


Two problems here:


1) this means Searing Seal deals twice the damage mentioned in its description; thus, either the description or the spell should be changed.


2) the fourth hit never seems to do anything, it's just an "additional effect"


Save game attached.



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Hey guys,


Just wanted to pop in and say that this is a known issue and is currently being looked at. Hopefully we can get a fix in a future patch =)



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I try my very best.

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