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[3.02] A minor inconsistency with The Theorems of Pandgram quest



At some point I killed a backer NPC in the Hall of Revealed Mysteries. Later when I talked to Nedyn about The Theorems of Pandgram she said there was "a massacre" and I got dialogue options indicating that the scriveners were killed. I re-visited the Hall and everyone is still there alive, well and friendly.


Maybe this isn't exactly a bug, but killing one guy isn't a massacre. Also, backer NPCs aren't supposed to interact with the game world. They are there but nobody acknowledges their presence in dialogues. They are not involved in any quests or tasks. They exist but they don't exist which is fine with me. Here we have a backer NPC death directly influencing the outcome of a quest (I received 400cp and no ring). Moreover, the fight with the NPC had nothing to do with how I obtained the book because I did The Parable of Wael and had Grimda's permission to enter the Elder Archives.


[Edit]: Turning in the quest also didn't count as a Stronghold turn. In fact, turns seem to be rather inconsistent as well. Sometimes every quest or task update counts as a turn, sometimes not.

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