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I'm not sure, since I always upscale everything.


Here are some upscaled potd WM2 stats, so someone who doesn't upscale can post the original ones:


Magran's Faithful


Priest of Magran:


Deflection 91

Fortitude 135

Reflexes 119

Will 123

DR 7


Magran's Faithful Druid


Deflection 127

Fortitude 121

Reflexes 141

Will 143

DR 10

(also has a permanent 10 hp regen every 3 seconds)




Deflection 98

Fortitude 147

Reflexes 119

Will 127

DR 11

(Unbending, Savage Defiance)


Magran's Faithful Soldier


Deflection 137

Fortitude 127

Reflexes 141

Will 113

DR 16



One thing of note, the screen clearly shows Unbroken heal the Soldier for 136, while the combat log says Unbroken heals for 100, so I suspect a +36% bonus, so a Might of 22. I'm pretty sure Upscaling has an effect on HP and monster base attributes too, so if someone can check if the discrepancy between Unbroken on screen and Unbroken on the combat log is a constant, we might have a clue here.


I didn't record/screenshot Nalrend, sorry.

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Im sure bounties from WM and WM2 and those which are in ACT 3 maps ( ogre shaman ) scale but what about bounties u get from Caed Nua warden the ones that are in Act 1 and 2 Maps , do they scale ? Considering you need to beat upscalled Ogre Shaman to open next levels ...

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