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Update 2016-04-01: Opening Message Won't Close



I deleted the previous version of Pathfinder Adventures and downloaded the latest update. When I open it, an opening message says, "Network connection has been restored. Gold and in app purchases have been enabled." There is a Close button at the bottom of the message, but tapping it (or anything else) doesn't make it close. There is no "X" on this dialogue box, so I cannot use that. The rest of the app seems to function normally, but the fore mentioned message covers the center of the screen so I cannot see anything underneath it. This is one of those "fix it now" issues, in my opinion, as it makes the game basically unplayable.

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This is a strange bug that doesn't affect all devices.  Androids can get by it using the back button.  From what I've seen, you can interact with the buttons in the background, but obviously playing with the connectivity message in the way isn't ideal.


We're working on it! :)

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