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Chanting and Withdraw



So... i dont think this is working as intended:

If you use withdraw on your Chanter he has a symbol telling you he is stunned - he can't move, he can't attack, nothing is all he can and should do (at that point: is it intended that Raw Damage still damages you even in Withdraw?) ... however, he still chants - still gets stacks... (dragon chant, every 4 secs 100 AOE DoT damage - seems legit while in stasis).





savegame and outpulog:


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Heya Reent,


This interaction is known internally (and we have written several bug reports on it), but I believe we've decided to consider it working as intended (at least for now). So enjoy the amazing synergy of chanting while withdrawn =)


Thanks for being active on the forums!

I try my very best.

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please reconsider :x


I am playing solo chanter most of the time - but i started a 2 man run some time ago and abandoned it because of this interaction - its no fun, no fun at all... enemies have CC? Just withdraw the chanter, use as many heals on the priest as needed (who has only defensive talents) and wait until the enemies are dead - oh, so i am fighting the alpine dragon? Withdraw the chanter, withdraw the priest (get his int up as high as possible) the enemies stand next to the 2 characters - after the withdraw the adds are dead, the alpine dragon? Don't know, with every 5.6 secs and around 30 secs time... lvl 12 you can have around 106 ACC with 2 buffs (one of them against debuffs) from priest, against 134 reflex that means every dice above 43 is a graze - so lvl 12 you don't have enough acc to get enough damage done while in withdraw - however if you fix the other bugs i mentioned in another thread... you would get critical mass... +15 ACC because of survival, +25% damage against beasts, +10% damage because the +20% burn damage talent... you'd be able to kill the alpine dragon with just dragon chant damage (i dont imagine he has above 1.2k endurance) - while in withdraw a few times... lvl 12.

lvl 16 you can do it without the bugfixes - for me thats a little bit too easy... chanter: summon figurine, priest: fast cast anti debuff, cast champions boon, fast cast withdraw, fast cast withdraw - wait - fast cast withdraw, fast cast withdraw - wait, chanter: summon ogres or something - priest: fast cast anti debuff. champions boon, fast cast withdraw, fast cast withdraw - wait - alpine dragon dead - profit.

Please - i love withdraw, but its too strong for a priest/chanter combination, its godlike without this... its the hammer to all your problems the way it is now.

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