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Monk + Apprentice's Sneak

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I'm playing with it right now.  It's pretty effective and you don't need any stealth.  Most sneak attacks come from flanking or one of the may other status afflictions that apply.


Combine it with weakening blows, and you have a character who murderates weaker mobs and uses flagellants path to zip through and around the bigger clumps of enemies.  This works especially great with wizards.

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To be honest the "first 2 seconds in combat" sound intimidating. I have never used a rogue at all, my opening moves combat routine usually is:

Wards + traps --> ranger pulls enemies --> wizard uses walls --> move on with the rest of the battle adjusting to what is happening.


But I guess a lot can happen in 2 seconds.


I shall definitely try it out following your tips.

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I am flirting with the idea for my second playthrough.

How much Stealth would be sufficient?

Has anyone tried this combination?

Any tips are welcomed.


Brother I'm not sure why you would mention Stealth here ?


It has no relation whatsoever with Sneak Attacks.



Also, if you have to make the choice because you're short on talents, remember :

Two Weapon Style > Savage Attack > Apprentice Sneak Attack

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I don't think you fully understand how sneak attack works. It isn't an attack from stealth, you can actually use it with 0 points in stealth. Sneak attacks happen:

a) in first two seconds of combat, which is great for a full party ranged opener;

b) when the target is afflicted by certain conditions: Blinded, Flanked, Hobbled, Paralyzed, Petrified, Prone, Stuck, Stunned or Weakened.


The key to successfully utilizing sneak attacks is setting up these conditions. Casters have a wide arsenal of status-inflicting spells.

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Thank you all mates.


It is clear to me now how stealth works and how it is differentiated from sneak.

I am thinking of a group with a paladin tank, a priest for the heals, the main character (monk with sneak) and cipher for the synergies.


Dam, I completely understand what you are saying about sneak efficiency compared to other skills, but it is an RP thing as well. A character flavor thing so to speak. My current main character is a Wolf druid with the Outlander's Frenzy, so you get the idea.


Again, thank you all.

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