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Per encounter spells



Hey there,


I just returned to Pillars of Eternity to play the expansion after finishing the base game at its release.


I dont know if its a bug or I missed something in the patch notes, but my level 1-2 wizard and priest spells that should be per encounter doesnt replenish after the combat ends. Both parts of White March are installed. Does anyone know what is causing this or how to fix this? Or did they delay the aquirement of the low level per encounter spells to later levels?

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They no longer all shift to per encounter at all. Instead, when you would have gotten level 1 spells as per encounter, you now get to choose only one of those spells, and gain a single per encounter use for it, and so on. If you're loading an old save that may bug it as the selection of the per encounter spell happens during level up, so it may simply be that you'll gain them all as intended the next time you level.

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