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[PotD] Help me fill my empty party slots (custom party)

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Here's what I'm planning on taking -



PC Chanter - tank/support/control oriented, max per/int/res and high lore for dialogue

Wizard - Implement/Blight interrupt build

Cipher - Standard ranged version, nothing crazy

Priest - Standard


So I need a couple of serious front liners since I've got 3 squishies and an off-tank. What I'm considering -




Monk - I have yet to actually use a monk through the campaign. I'd probably go with a hybrid tank/damage situation, max might/con/dex and torment's reach, turning wheel, swift/lightning strikes. Drop int to 3, keep per/res at 10.


Ranger - I've read that the pet is an extra serious melee unit now and rangers are much more useful in general. Since pet damage isn't determined by the ranger's offensive stats, maybe there's an argument for making the ranger tanky as well? Unsure, never used rangers 'cause they were so bad for so long.


Paladin - I could just take Pallegina, mold her into as decent a tank as possible, and use Vielo Vidorio to buff everyone else. It's nice to have a paladin for the aura, exhortation, etc.


Wizard - Yes, I have a Wizard already but... why not two? Instead of implements, this one would use Staff/Pike including Concelhaut's and Citzal's, and use hardened veil to be tanky when it needs to be.


Barbarian - Never used one, I've never been one to build around specific cheesy items and that always seemed to be the only reason to bring a barb(carnage retaliation and so on). While melee AoE is great for doorway fights, those are easily managed regardless because they're doorway fights. And needing high int for carnage means they're a bit attribute starved relative to melee builds you can comfortably dump int with. But I haven't played since pre White March, and maybe like Rangers they've been improved?


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I suggest KDubya's Juggernaut Monk, and a Fighter with either the Lady of Pain or Braven's Glass Tsunami build.


Have a look at Boeroer's Backlash Beldam build for the Cipher too while you're at it; it's pretty badass ;)

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It would seem to me that a problem with dropping INT too low on the monk is that some of their abilities have durations, whether it's a duration on themselves (like the lightning fists or whatever they're called) or a duration on the enemy (i.e. the stunning attack).  The duration of the low level "lightning fists" may not matter much to you, but from what I've seen against monks, the stunning attack is darned useful.  And it seems to me that shortening the duration of the stun on the enemy isn't really something you'd want to do.


Anyways, just an observation.

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If you are not going for Dragon chanter, you are kind of lacking in AoE DPS so I'd say a Paladin with max Int and Might for Immolation plus a tanky Druid.


In addition to damage that'll also give you lots of heals and two sources or resurrect between the paladin and the priest if one of them goes down.

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Monk but with 10 int and high might and con.


The other slot is flexible. Barbarian would work very well as aoe damage and sicken debuffer.


Priest : dire blessing + painful interdiction as goto moves. Support and debuff.


Monk : jaggernaut until you can go robes with iron wheel. Torments reach swift strike + enervating blows (combined with dire blessing allows monk to constantly weaken enemies for barb to always crit). You can just take zahua he is good btw. Damage dealer.


Barbarian: carnage trash debuff and damage machine with disorienting weapon and unlabeled blade for damage. Brute force means constant crit to weakened enemies. Maneha is good. Damage dealer.


Wizard : cc debuff will with arcamyrs miasma of dull mindedness so your ciphers powers always hit. Disabler primarily.


Cipher: mental binding + mind wave and later amp wave time parasite and lol at reaping knives +of monk or barb. Disabler and secondary damage dealer.


Paladin: yes! Take pallegina and build up her fod alpha strike abilities she is great that way. Take the accuracy aura and also aspirants mark to lower enemy deflection and reflexes so she gets lots of per encounter things to do (you can take aspirants mark on priest but arguably that is not as efficient as the priest has enough of his own abilities to use during fights a paladin on the other hand has enough time on her hands to use it). Solid alpha strike while buffing the party simultaneously and being a second line reviver / buffer should the priest be overwhelmed alone check. Alpha strike + buffer/ healer.


It's a very solid group I played this and rolf stomped potd Ironman while being in fast mode most of the time.

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