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No gold earning / stale session?



I was playing last night, things were fine. I was ripping up cards and swimming in gold, McDuck-style.


I picked up the iPad this morning and started playing. The welcome screen appeared to indicate I was still logged in - all expected options were visible (most telling being Store was an option). I started playing, I was receiving indicators that I was earning gold. I finished a legendary scenario for Brigandoom (like a boss), and noted that despite the reward animation occurring to add the 300 gold bonus, the total value didn't increase. I checked the vault, fully aware of (and having experienced) the gold amount refresh bug. I was still stuck at 2256 gold.


On a hunch, I went back to welcome screen, logged out, logged back in. Started a new scenario, after the first bane was banished, I checked, and sure enough, my gold increased by +2 as it should. I finished the scenario and actually received the expected reward (albeit, after refreshing at the vault).


At appearance, it seems like the login session goes stale without any indication of such. Expected behavior would be that the game requires me to login again (annoying, but better than having game appear to add gold when it's not), or that the session cookie is checked and refreshed at login (how most mobile device games act).


Will continue to look out for this and add other details if any come up.

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