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[3.01] Suppress Afflection and Charm



Hello everyone,


I have found an ancient bug. ALWAYS unresolved.


If a character is under charm, suppress affliction doesn't work. Its a big problem because if we do not know we have to put an immunity, there is only this solution to remove the charm tentatively.


So its annoying bug.

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You can charm your men back, though (but I agree Suppress Affliction should work.)

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If you have a Cipher, Enigma (Slow and bad talent) or an unique item...


Its very restrictive...


But thanks for the tips, This kind of battle was particulary difficult. I used crown of the faithful (+25 resolve + all sources of willpower of my two priest).


But you have to have high levels powers for this method, and there is no garranties...


Anyway, Supress affliction affect Domination since ? 1.00 ? (Domination = Charm, same concept), so its should be resolved since a long time...


I love this game, but what it is buggy ... I've never seen that in my life ... I'm a beta tester at version 3.01.

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