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Order of Investigations

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Once you do the quest that gets you into the sanctum beneath Woedica's church you are given three quests to do: investigate Heritage Hill, investigate the Sanitarium, and investigate the ruins near Dyrwood.  My question is, lore-wise, do you feel that it kinda makes sense to do them in  a specific order?  I kinda feel that, since you are in Defiance Bay anyway and it's the one that requires the least effort to get into (it isn't in a locked up district full of undead), that there is no logical reason not to do the Sanitarium first.  This is just looking at it in a 'what I know ingame' kind of thing, knowing how these play out as a player it makes sense to do Dyrford first to pick up Hiravias on the way and GM once you get there if you want to get all the companions as soon as you can, but your character wouldn't know that.


Do people have different views on this and how do you justify it ingame?

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