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PoE2 game engine? How about Divinity Original Sins engine?

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I'm not sure POE needs to move away from unity but it does have a couple flaws. the character models are 3d against a 2d background. this kinda creates a perspective dissonance and causes some.. odd, light reflections on the character models. Its like they are standing on top of the world rather than being a part of it. Also the zoomed out perspective causes a lot of pixelation on the finer details of the 3d models, Some LOD improvements could be had

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Wow, so much D:OS hate in here. Not everything needs to be grimdark just cause it is fantasy.

I am pretty meh on the game myself Bryy but not because of the graphics or comedy.  It has a broke ass challenge curve that goes from "how you like that stick up your cornhole matey!" to "please PC don't kill me".  Games shouldn't be drastically easier the farther you get in them, that was a criticism of Eternity but Divinity OS is twice as bad about it.  That isn't a huge shocker though cause Larian has that problem in a lot of games.  The story also fell completely flat after leaving Cyseal and just wasn't particularly engaging.  The "two players" aspect was also a completely wasted feature unless you really did play the whole game co op.


The only thing truly "stand out" about the game was the neat combat system and options.  Too bad the broken challenge curve either made combat an unfun slog you had to cheese, or an easy joke where all the options no longer matters.  It was only at a "sweet spot" for about half of chapter 1.


It will be interesting to see if Larian improved upon any of those in the sequel. I agree with the challenge curve.

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