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Ability to change class in middle of a game

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Is not there.

My memory may play tricks on me, but if I remember correctly it was announced as one of feature of 3.0 patch. "Ability to change class" also displays on loading screen, yet I couldn't see similar option while reseting a main character.

Please correct me if it is there, just I couldn't find it.

Me dno't sapek Eisnlgh. Bveleie I.

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It was never going to be a feature. You can redistribute points within your chosen class mid-game, but not change the class. However, on level up you can pick one minor talent of any of the other classes, which is a very light form of dual classing.

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I don't believe changing classes mid-game would make a lot of sense in Pillars of Eternity, considering that it could lead to changing some of the character's background, which in turn could conflict with some decisions already made within the game's story - in other words, you would have been in situations that, considering your new class, you couldn't have been in. So it would sort of break some parts of the narrative. I can't think of many examples, but at least some NPCs react to the player based on their class, so changing the class would sort of overwrite that. Maybe I'm overthinking it, but that's my first reaction to the concept.

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