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  1. Is not there. My memory may play tricks on me, but if I remember correctly it was announced as one of feature of 3.0 patch. "Ability to change class" also displays on loading screen, yet I couldn't see similar option while reseting a main character. Please correct me if it is there, just I couldn't find it.
  2. Portrait of pale elf chanter. Probably will polish it someday. Now I'm going to play.
  3. I've made perfect portrait for you! Female Dwarven Rogue. Pardon, my sense of humor.
  4. I was going to make some long post, but, meh. There are more interesting stuff to do. *** But, from the other hand, if someone want to have all-most-legal (Obsydian still got rights to races), custom made portrait, go there: http://forum.deviantart.com/jobs/offers/ And post your order in new thread, and wait bit for some artists to be interested.
  5. Stolen Senuki screen and edited it, to make text more easy on eyes. In short, please make background darker, to make highter contrast. Also do it in shop, it is really annoing in normal version. (despite that UI is really nice)
  6. Maybe take five existing spells from each level and attribute to one of gods? Spell connected with hero deity would may have some small bonuses, but player while leveling up, should have to choose between one or two from rest four. Unchosen stuff would be never more available for him. You know, that spells are sacrificed to others gods.
  7. Honestly, to get more potential exposure to ideas. I belive they are good, so personally don't mind being taken for rude. To enlarge potential target. Not only to gamers. Let's try to think outside box: who beside RPG-gamers could be interested in this kind of game? For me answer are: 1. Artists - cause in overall PoE is tasteful and coherent (medieval setting didn't biting with transparent, clean HUD), and it may correspond well with art community. 2. Teenagers - they love touch the stuff don't designed for them. Despite alcohol and drugs, it may have some good outcome too. Tell them, i
  8. Litte bit inspared by topic How Should Obsidian Market Pillars of Eternity So I've got some idea, about how to try marketing PoE or make it potential market bigger. Maybe, not the most brightest one under the sun, but hey, it still something. 1. Portrait Contest on DeviantArt. Why? + Players could have easly access of hundreds, if not thousand of portraits in good proportions to choose between in every possible combination of race, subrace and gender (even for aumana or orlan) + Deviantart is "massive" in comparison to other art sites: average artist have around 100 followers. It also hav
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