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[3.0/WM2] weapon switching sometimes messes up actions



I like to aggressively weapon switch on some of my characters (along with Coil of Resourcefulness, switching weapons can be better than waiting for a gun to reload [you can switch to another gun or a different weapon] or for waiting for a very slow recovery to finish). Doing this requires you to switch a weapon just as an action completes and before recovery begins, otherwise you just end up having a recovery plus the weapon switch time.


However, I notice that sometimes this causes weird issues with targetting and actions. I'll use my wizard as the exemplar here, who in one weapon slot has an arquebus and in the other has the soulbound quarterstaff. He is also equipped with the Coil of Resourcefulness for a 0-second weapon switch delay.


Example A: equipped with arquebus. Cast a spell, then fast switch to the quarterstaff. Activate Arcane Veil.  Arcane Veil will not activate at all. Sometimes I can activate Arcane Veil again, and doing so will trigger *both* instances of Arcane Veil to trigger at once (blowing through both of my uses for the day).


Example B: equipped with arquebus. Cast a spell, then fast switch to the quarterstaff. Cast a spell that self-targets the wizard (like Eldritch Aim) and then queue up an attack on someone. Sometimes the wizard will instead, while standing in place, attack himself with the quarterstaff while skipping the spell (it's almost as if the targetting for the spell got confused with the targeting for the attack). This is particularly odd because the quarterstaff will occasionally trigger an area of effect spell that is supposed to be Foe AOE only, but when this triggers when this targetting glitch occurs, the spell hits the wizard just fine.


Example C (new to 3.0/White March II): equipped with arquebus. Cast a spell, then fast switch to the quarterstaff. Then cast a spell that generates a weapon (like Citzal's Spirit Lance). Nothing will happen (the spell will be completely skipped).


I think the same underlying root cause might be affecting A, B, C and that depending on the timing of your weapon switch it can mess up the timing or targeting of the following action.


These issues are not consistently reproducible so I don't have a silver-bullet save game, but I do have a generic save game/output log here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/spsmxhhmimn4pjq/AAC0nAZ5-_ftLdZkirqB3uQVa?dl=0 There's a fight nearby and you can try out some of these scenarios to recreate them. With my aggressive use of weapon switching, I invariably encounter one of the above issues in about 80% of all fights, so it's not too hard to reproduce, even if inconsistent.

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