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[3.0/WM2] Invisibility sometimes does weird things



It's hard exactly to know how to reproduce this.


Basically, I have Durance equipped with Cape of the Master Mystic (invisibility on critical hit). Some of the times it triggers, it works just fine.


Frequently, however, one of two things will happen, of varying severity:

1. Durance will stay invisible, but will still be able to act.

2. Durance will stay invisible, but be completely unable to act (he can still move, though).


*sometimes* the effect wears off at teh end of combat, but other times I have to save and reload to get Durance back to normal.


I don't know if it's an interaction with some other items he has equipped, but I've been able to run into this fairly regularly in WM2.  Here's a dropbox link with an output log from when this happened recently, as well as a convenient save near a fight: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/spsmxhhmimn4pjq/AAC0nAZ5-_ftLdZkirqB3uQVa?dl=0

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Aarik, could you clarify as to what the issues are that cause the cape to malfunction? For those of us who want to use it before a fix comes out. Thanks!


It just happens whenever the effect procs.  Sometimes the character can still attack but can't cast spells, sometimes they can do nothing.  It's weird.


Restarting the game fixes it.

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