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[3.0] No sound (whatsoever)



Hello everyone, 


I dislike having to create a new post about this, but I am running out of options. All advice is welcome. 


Since installing The White March pt. 2 yesterday evening (together with the as of yet uninstalled patch 3.0), all my sound has mysteriously disappeared. I can run the game, everything works, just without any sound. Here's a list of things I tried:


I have

- restarted the game numerous times;

- played around with the sound settings;

- updated my sound drivers;

- browsed the forums and the internet in general for a solution;

- reinstalled the entire game (including both White Marches and the latest patches);

- deleted all my old saves (I wanted to start anew anyhow);

- started a new game in the hopes my sound would enjoy a fresh start;

- told my sound to stop playing about and get to work;


I fear I might have overlooked something small, something silly, something that'll make me slap my head and go 'doh!''. Help, you see, is welcome!


Thank you for reading and for any advice you can give me. 



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