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It used to be that they would trigger a "free" rest without camping supplies. Now they will just "guard" your rest ensuring that you are not attacked while resting? (not that it matters as this doesn't happen anywhere else in the game anyway afaik), but you still have to use your own camping supplies, which is why I trek back to gilded vale for the truly free rest at the inn (after saving whassisface from the zone on the way from the starting place to gilded vale). Besides, once you've cleared the keep it's only a 60 second run from GV to the room with the chest so it's not *that* laborious.


As for why I don't console, as you said, I wants the cheesements. I also feel the need for repentance, I "feel" less like I'm cheating (even though I kind of am via exploitation of the game systems) if I have to put in some effort to get the desired item. Yes I'm strange, but there you go. :)

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